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Irwin Mitchell is a national law firm with an exceptional reputation in personal injury.  Consistently ranked in the independent legal directories as number one for overall client service, our reputation for helping clients and their families with a wide range of personal legal issues is unparalleled. . Our highly specialised team combines powerful legal knowledge and experience with care and consideration to ensure that our clients receive the best possible support and guidance for life.  

We are named in The Times Best law Firms 2021 guide with the largest breadth of services recommended of any law firm.  In 2021 we were also named number 1 legal Superbrand in the UK.   

We hold a market leading position in the high value complex personal injury market because we put our clients first. We have a vast experience of dealing with cycling claims, supporting our clients and their families in rebuilding their lives after live changing incidents.  

We are one of the few law firms in the country that has a dedicated road traffic accident investigation team, including former police investigators. They help our lawyers gather evidence from the very outset of your claim, ensuring that your case is as strong as possible.  

You’ll be given all of the support you need by our friendly team throughout your claim. We are committed to accessing rehabilitation services as quickly as possible to ensure that our clients make the best possible recovery. We also have our in-house Support and Rehabilitation Service team who are here to help you and your family adjust to life after a serious injury, by working with health care professionals to get access to the rehabilitation you need.  

Further information on how we deal with cycling accidents can be found here: Cycling Laws | The Law on Cycling Accidents | Irwin Mitchell  

We may signpost you to another legal services provider if the likely value of your claim is considered to be less than £10,000, which is then deemed to be a ‘fast track claim’.  This is because these types of claims must be started in the Ministry of Justice portal and the procedure to be followed is entirely different to the one used for more substantial claims.  It is however crucial not to make any assumptions about the potential value of your claim without first seeking legal advice. We can advise you of the best way to proceed during your free initial consultation.  

We are passionate about road safety and over many years have supported, and offered expert opinion on, road safety charities and campaigns to ensure that our clients’ voices are heard. Each year, the national road safety charity Brake organises Road Safety Week and in 2021 we continued to raise awareness of road safety through our client stories and campaigns.  You can view all of our stories from RSW 2021 here: Road Safety Week 2021 | Irwin Mitchell | Newsletters  

We are delighted to be partnering with Bluelight Cycling Club during 2022 and hopefully we will be able to meet some of you very soon.  

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Richard Biggs – Senior Associate Solicitor
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Lynne Carrick-Leary – Business Development Manager
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