Bleepkind was established in February 2021 by two police officers who became aware of an increasing amount of people who were struggling with the Job Related Fitness Test.

Jen Sharpling and Carly Baillie involved themselves in numerous online debates around the police JRFT and #bleepkind was developed to remind people to be kind to each other when discussing what is an emotive issue for people, with failure potentially resulting in career-changing consequences.

Jen and Carly then set up a Facebook page as a safe place for them and a few colleagues to discuss the difficulties they were experiencing with the JRFT and membership grew beyond all expectations in a noticeably short space of time. It became abundantly clear that many more people than we realised are struggling and that fitness testing is just as much an issue for men as it is for women.

Bleepkind is a not-for-profit peer support network and our vision is to “promote a culture which prioritises health and wellbeing through kindness, understanding and support, to ensure our members are ready to meet and exceed identified levels of operational fitness”. We are open to people from any service which requires a fitness standard to be achieved, including the military. We also welcome contributions from professionals and experts in the three strands of Bleepkind success; psychological growth, nutrition, and physical fitness.